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Stefan Skrimshire, researcher at University of Manchester Religions and Theology department, is making a documentary film with Damien Mahoney (This is Camp x-Ray, 2007) on Climate Change, Tipping Points and Political Action. The film is part of the Future Ethics project (

The film will be asking activists, campaigners, philosophers, scientists, and policymakers how the notion of a ‘point of no return’ effects the very meaning of actions. For instance, does it make some sorts of actions irrelevant (because it is ‘too late’ to achieve them), and other sorts of action so urgent we are willing to erode civil liberties, engineer the planet, break laws, cross other boundaries? So it is about all those heady (yet very real) concepts: time, politics, action and the future.

This film will not be a campaign or propaganda tool, though I intend it to be useful to campaign groups. It will be a free, educational DVD for exploring some of the deeper, more engaging issues about climate change and why and how people take the sorts of action they do.

A lot of the footage / interviews will be based around Copenhagen in the first week of the convention – Please get in touch if you are going to Copenhagen to take part in protests or the convention itself, and would be up for a quick interview.


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