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The “noise” of the impending Copenhagen Climate Summit (wittily described as a carbon trading confernece with a conference tagged on) is beginning to take up mental space and physical space in the Manchester Climate Fortnightly that it shouldn’t.

So the stuff we find while ‘scanning’ the media will get put here. If you, gentle reader, want to debate the merits/demerits of Copenhagen and action around it, then be our guest!

We will look at

a) what the conference ‘means’ to three major types of actors- states, businesses and ‘the people’ (as represented by NGOs, social movements, protest groups etc)

b) what the likely outcomes of the conference are going to be

c) what the short/medium implications are for Manchester, UK from the likely outcomes

We will do this by spotting decent articles, or writing indecent ones ourselves.

And of course, there’s always the question of “what is to be done?” (by whom, where, when, how etc)

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