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In Our Hands

November 27, 2009

Follow this link to a good* summary of what’s going on behind the rhetoric of Copenhagen being the “last chance to save ourselves”.

Don’t be dazzled by this extraordinary show. The idea that the UN’s ‘COP 15’ Climate Summit – where governments will attempt to negotiate a climate change treaty to see us through the next few decades – is our ‘last chance’ is a very dangerous one indeed.

It’s dangerous for several reasons. For a start, it’s not true. If it were, then quite frankly we’d all be screwed, because there’s no way that any deal that comes out of Copenhagen will effectively curb global warming.

* Declaration of interest: Its author, Jess Worth, has been instrumental in getting my colleague Marc Roberts’ cartoon “Gort and Klaatu’s International Climate Slamdown” into the pages of New Internationalist. But I’m not log-rolling, honest…

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