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John and Ed save the world

November 22, 2009

That’d be John Harris, Grauniad journo, and Ed Miliband, chief DECC-chair re-arranger. Harris followed Miliband around for a day and a half at some pre-negotiations negotiations and wrote it up here.

Ooh, and look, Ed has painted himself into a corner, which is a courageous decision, in every sense.

…one particular element of Miliband’s rhetoric [is] remarkable. “I’m willing to say to you, if we don’t get any numbers at Copenhagen, it’s a failure,” he says.

I tell him that strikes me as a rather high-stakes position. “Yeah,” he says. “But I don’t think it would be successful if we haven’t got numbers. What is it if we don’t have numbers?”

The thing is, I suggest, politicians don’t often say things like that. They tend to make a point of leaving wriggle room for themselves. “No,” he says, sharply. “We’re not leaving wriggle room. I recognise that fact. In the end, people are smart. They know when you’ve succeeded, and they know when you’ve failed. And I’ve known for many months that there’s no point in going out and claiming Copenhagen is a miraculous triumph if there’s no numbers.”

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