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Monkey Business

November 20, 2009

Where there’s muck, there’s brass.

“The Copenhagen Communiqué is widely recognised as the definitive progressive statement from the international business community ahead of the United Nations (UN) climate change conference in Copenhagen this December. In just two pages, it sets out the business case for an ambitious, robust, effective and equitable UN climate framework and offers a progressive global consensus on the shape of an agreement. It warns that business will suffer if a credible deal is not reached. The Communiqué has already secured the support of over 750 companies from across all G20 nations and beyond, from the US, EU, Japan, Australia and Canada, to Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa; ranging from the world’s largest companies and best known brands, to Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs). Before Copenhagen we would like to increase the power of our message by maximising this number as much as possible! You can see the full list of supporting companies, read the text of the Communiqué and testimonials from company signatories by visiting

The final deadline for endorsements is Tuesday December 1st 2009, but the sooner you register your company’s endorsement, the sooner we will be able to add it to our website, and other publicity materials. Please encourage your business contacts and other companies in your network to sign!

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