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“Growth”? “Staging Post”? WTF!?%*X you clowns

November 15, 2009

This from the Beeb

“World leaders meeting in Singapore have said it will not be possible to reach a climate change deal ahead of next month’s UN conference in Denmark.

But after a two-day Asia-Pacific summit, they vowed to work towards an “ambitious outcome” in Copenhagen.

Leaders, including the US and Chinese presidents, also vowed to pursue a new strategy for growth after the world’s worst economic crisis in decades….

Officials said the leaders – including US President Barack Obama and Hu Jintao of China – now viewed the Copenhagen summit as a “staging post”, and not an end point, in the search for a global deal to cut emissions of greenhouse gases.”

Er, spot the growth-versus-a-liveable-planet contradiction that is smoothly… ignored. Maybe they should read Tim Jackson’s book. Or have a chat with Professor Kevin Anderson (though to be fair, both of these rather smart people believe that growth outside the OECD countries is necessary, and the poverty in Asia is chronic. Ditto Africa and ditto Latin America).

What might a steady-state economy look like locally? I’m glad you asked- check out the excellent Green Deal for the Manchester-Mersey Bioregion.

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