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We’re toast and we know it

November 5, 2009

At last, they’ve stopped pretending.  This in the Grauniad-

No global climate change treaty likely for up to a year, negotiators admit World’s key industrialised nations say they have abandoned hope of legally binding deal at Copenhagen summit

But where does this leave  “the Wave” and assorted summit-hopping idiocies?

Oh, they’ll put a brave face on it, and say it’s still really really important that everyone gets on a train/goes to Denmark for a smugathon, but deep down, they must know they have fundamentally blown it. LOCAL action would have left us in a strong-ish position (relatively- in the long run, we’re all toast. Lovelock seems to think any day now).

But nooooo, we had to do the equivalent of a Trafalgar Square rally. What a shower the “left” and the “dissidents” are. No wonder we are so ineffectual.  We do what we want, what is in our comfort zone that gives us our little smugosphere kudos.  Screw us.

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