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Barcelona, Financial Times and Protesting too wrong

November 4, 2009


so, there are UNFCCC talks going on in Barcelona-

the Africans want the developed world to go for a 40% by 2020 cut in carbon emissions.  Biggest on the table offer is the EU at 30% and that’s a) only if Uncle Sam etc come on board and b) riddled with dodgy accountancy and offsets etc.

Uncle Sam is under pressure to agree to, erm, something. Weds 4 Pressure on the United States to define emission reduction goals and move on climate funding is mounting this week in Barcelona, where the UN climate negotiations are trying to make progress towards a post-Kyoto agreement.

The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Executive Secretary Yvo de Boer stated that any deal would have to involve the United States, which has the largest historical responsibility of emissions.

Speaking at the start of the five-day negotiations on Monday (2 November), de Boer called for clarity on the developed countries’ emission reduction targets for 2020, referring specifically to the US that has not been able to provide a clear commitment as the domestic climate legislation has been delayed by the Senate.


Meanwhile, the FT runs

two editorials

Nov 3 Follow the Science on Climate Change

Nov 4 The deal we need from Copenhagen

“the upcoming summit on climate change in Copenhagen is the world’s opportunity to do this, by making a mutual, binding commitment to global cuts in carbon emissions”

and a big analysis piece by Fiona Harvey called Stormy debate
And finally, the typical letter in the Guardian by people who think that going to Copenhagen is a valid use of enormous amounts of time and energy and money. Presumably they are also telling themselves and each other that it will Help to Build the Movement.  God help us all.

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