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Saturday 10 October agenda

October 5, 2009

Provisional Agenda for Saturday 10th October

1 to 4pm, Friends Meeting House

1) Welcomes and housekeeping

2) Mingling/brainstorming “Good things that are already happening in (Greater) Manchester”

3) Other agenda points?

4) The impacts of climate change globally and locally

5) What the Council’s plan says (outline)

6) Discussion of what is in it, what the responses have been so far.

7) The “2020 vision” survey, and people’s vision of a fair, climate safe Manchester

  • responses so far
  • geographical spread
  • getting other responses (including from today)

8) The Alternative Plan

  • what should be in it
  • how should it be presented (paper format, web, other)
  • how should it be distributed- where, by whom, in what formats,
  • for what purposes?

Sub groups on Food Transport Energy Buildings Sustainable Consumption Engagement

9) The launch event-

  • What is it trying to achieve?
  • What should happen at it (music, poetry etc)
  • Who should be there
  • How should it be publicised/networked?
  • Who has time/energy to work on the launch?

10) “Beyond the launch”

  • What steps should C2RA (and other groups) be taking in December, January and beyond
  • Who is up for what?
  • What needs to be done in the coming weeks to make that easier?

11) Announcements (upcoming events etc)

12) Next C2RA meeting(s)

  • Early November?
  • One to discuss the final CCAP, after it is released on November 11th?
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