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Gordon Brown, at the coal/poker face

September 21, 2009

So, today’s Ed’s platitudes… sorry, Ed’s pledge gets his boss Gordo promising to go to Copenhagen in December, if That’s What It Takes.  Clever positioning from the UK on this one, the first “major” to say their top top bod will go.  The UK’s carbon emissions figures  look good principally because:

a) the Dash for Gas in the 80s, done to end the power of the trades unions (see Seamus Milne’s The Enemy Within)

b) we’ve outsourced the production of stuff to China, so it turns up on THEIR books (unless you use a Total Carbon Footprint approach).  Dieter Helm, probably the pre-eminent energy specialist in the UK, did some back-of-fag-packet calculations that suggest if you include ’embedded carbon’, UK emission are actually UP about 19% on 1990 levels. (1, 2)

But I digress.

The “poker face”  reference is to the following article, which compares the upcoming Climate Talks in Copenhagen to high-stakes poker.  Mildly entertaining and informative, but not a patch on the forth-coming cartoon extravaganza in the New Internationalist by the amazing Marc Roberts.

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