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Another day closer to hell in a handbasket

September 11, 2009

An odd day- one of my patients (Danish/Nigerian) gave me a postcard from Copenhagen with a lovely message on it- tak for det!) but then a whole bunch of tripe about COP 15 crosses my eyeballs…

One excellent piece by Tord Bjork about Copenhagen (no, really, it is essential reading)

But then there’s all this , (much of it via the excellent Climate Progress site)

First a bit of a pew whiff from this anodyne wish list.

Then Stavros Dimas, EU Commissioner seems to reckon “common sense” has anything to do with this species’ chances of survival. Hello?? Hellooooo???

Sept 10 EU Environment Chief Sees 100% Chance Of Deal In Copenhagen
There is no alternative to a global agreement on fighting climate change, so
the chances of securing a deal at a meeting in Copenhagen later this  year are
100%, European Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas said  Thursday.
This is what common sense tells us. We need to have an agreement, there is
no alternative, Dimas said during a press conference at which he presented  a
commission blueprint for financing the fight against climate change in
developing countries.
The European Union wants to lead negotiations at the Copenhagen summit in
December to reach an international agreement on limiting global warming to
two degrees Celsius, compared with pre-industrial temperatures.
The deal would be the successor to the Kyoto Protocol, negotiated more than
a decade ago.

Next, five men in suits met to make vague promises about money for brown and yellow people. That’ll get ’em on board for the Planet-Saving Deal, oh yes.

Five EU states vow to step up climate diplomacy

Britain, France, Denmark, Sweden and Finland agreed Thursday to intensify
green diplomacy to rescue an ambitious global climate agreement in Copenhagen
in December, officials said.

Danish Foreign Minister Per Stig Moller said the European Union had shown 
leadership by committing itself to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 20 
percent by 2020 or by 30 percent if other countries make comparable cuts.

Now it is time to show the same leadership on ensuring an ambitious financial 
package that can assist the poorest countries to adapt to the challenges posed 
by climate change, Moller told a news conference.

We today have agreed to work together to secure an ambitious deal in 
Copenhagen, Moller said after a meeting with British Foreign Secretary 
David Miliband, French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner and the Swedish 
and Finnish foreign ministers Carl Bildt and Alexander Stubb in the Danish capital.

With less than 100 days until the December 7-18 Copenhagen conference,
Moller said the momentum toward a climate deal risked fading away if the 
opportunity were not seized now.

Differences between rich and poor countries over funds for dealing with the 
consequences of climate change have emerged as the main stumbling block 
to a new U.N. climate treaty which world leaders hope to agree in Copenhagen 
in December.

Mind you, with the Brazilians the cleft is clear to see- it’s going to be a close shave…

Brazil's Environment Minister Carlos Minc said on Wednesday that U.S.
targets for greenhouse gas emissions are unacceptably weak and that Brazil
will place new restrictions on its huge farm sector to cut deforestation.

Brazil would also soon announce targets to substantially curb carbon
emissions before a crucial global climate summit in Copenhagen in
December, he said in an interview as part of the Reuters Climate Change
and Alternative Energy Summit.

Criticizing the U.S. administrations stated target of returning to its
1990 level of emissions by 2020, Minc said: We don't accept that,
its very poor.

They have to come closer to something beyond a 20 percent reduction,
he said.

The South American nation is expected to play a key role in negotiations at 
the Copenhagen summit that will seek to frame a new international treaty on 
climate change. The United Nations climate talks aim to reach agreement on 
a post-Kyoto pact to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which are blamed 
for global warming.

Minc said he was moderately optimistic but that a deal would not be easy.

After all that, it’s a relief to learn that we have a Soaring Rhetoric(TM) speech from that nice young Mr Obama to look forward to, as part of this UN meeting on Tues 22nd Sept.

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